July 8, 2011

Killing Time

Hey, how's it going ?
Only a few hours are left until the Saturday Sketch Night starts and I can hardly wait to complete all the great screenshots you gave me. Actually I received 46 pictures until now, however, it's not to late to apply.

I already bought a few new Copics to make sure that I don't run out of pens during this huge event. Fortunately I also received the verification mail from Livestream, which confirmed my channel and removed the 50 slot  limit. Furthermore I talked to one of my fellow photographers, she goes by the name Anjo-Fotografie. She had the great idea to combine my "little studio" with her equipment and borrowed me her soft box and tripod to increase the quality of the stream. She will also help me to help up my mohawk for Saturday, so stay tuned!

Until then you can stare at this flash loop I made:

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