July 4, 2011

Unforeseen Consequences

Hello Internet.
Thing are going well, up here in germany. The internship I'm doing for the next two months is keeping me a bit busy, but I'm already practicing with some Copics for the Saturday Sketch Night.
At first I was like
Things are going so well, that I actually got featured in a newspost of the german MMO-web portal buffed.de, which is probably, among others responsible, for over 20 screenshots, which I've collected until now. Furthermore, I was surprised by the detailed mails, rather than the mass of them, because many applicants also wrote a short summary of their characters personality to make it more interesting for me.

I'm wondering, if I actually can handle to draw all of them within two hours, however, I'm minded to give this project some extra hours, since it went so well. I'm definitely looking forward for the next weekend. 

See you sooner than later!

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